The Next Generation of Virus Like Particles

Lead Product – The Clarus Biologics Mucosal Virus Like Particle

Our first product is a new class of  Viral Like Particle (VLP) that increases and improves vaccine induced responses by all three elements of the adaptive immune system.

The Clarus VLP can significantly increase the efficacy of a wide variety of vaccines while reducing the vaccine dose required. It promotes antigen specific mucosal IgA, IgG and T-cell responses, even when vaccination is administered by a non-mucosal route.

When vaccines induce mucosal immunity, the infecting pathogen is identified (and engaged) as soon as it enters the body (e.g., through the upper respiratory, gastro-intestinal, or urogenital tracts).

The CBI Virus Like Particle is a heavily deleted alphavirus RNA genome packaged in alphavirus proteins.

Product Development is Complete!

Several successful pre-clinical studies in multiple species, including non-human primates have shown:

Excellent VLP-induced elevation of immune responses.

Significantly increased protection against challenge with target pathogens.

No significant safety signals attributable to the VLP.

The Need for Safe and Effective Vaccines Has Never Been Greater

We Increase Immunity

Clarus’ VLP Elicits Immunity from All Three Elements of the Adaptive Immune System

Activating all three increases vaccine effectiveness 

Mucosal immunity protects at point of entry for many pathogens 

Increases Ab Response

Increases T-Cell Response

Elicits Mucosal Immunity

While Decreasing the Dose

Clarus Adjuvant added to stockpiled avian flu vaccine increases protection by 100 times with 1/10 the dose .

Clarus’ VLP Increases Vaccine Protection by >100x, Reduces Required Dose

Governments, vaccine manufacturers are concerned about the supply of an effective vaccine

Lowering the effective dose alleviates supply constraints and reduces potential safety risks

CBI VLP (GVI3000) Provides Real Solutions to Today’s Vaccine Challenges

With Product Development Complete Clarus’ VLP to be Available for Human Trials within 18 Months

At Clarus Biologics our mission is to increase the availability of safe and effective prophylactic and therapeutic technologies.

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