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Clarus Biologics is Dedicated to the Discovery and Development of Novel Vaccine and Immunology Technologies

Launched in Q4 2019

Clarus Biologics was launched to increase the availability of safe and effective prophylactic and therapeutic technologies. It’s lead product is a next-generation vaccine Virus Like Particle intended to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and availability of vaccines.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Team

With a management team of biologics industry veterans, experienced microbiologists, and immunologists, Clarus is positioned to capitalize on the current environment and advance rapidly through Licensing. 

Accelerated Response Capability

Early integration of R&D and commercial operations, low-cost and small-footprint production, and the versatility of our technology position Clarus for rapid response to future vaccine and immunotherapy needs.

The Clarus Management Team has the Experience and Expertise to Deliver

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Dr. Robert E. Johnston - CSO and Co-Founder

As inventor and developer of the adjuvant, Dr. Johnston provides the technical support necessary to ensure all relevant scientific knowledge is incorporated into development of the pre-clinical, clinical and commercial manufacturing operations and associated critical assays. 

During the last 25 years of his career, Dr. Johnston has straddled academic science and entrepreneurial biotechnology. He has devoted his academic life to the study of alphaviruses, the molecular and cell biology of how they replicate and cause disease, and how their characteristics can be utilized to further the creation of vaccines and vaccine technologies.

He has founded or co-founded three biotech companies, all based on discoveries made by himself and the students, postdoctoral fellows, and colleagues who worked in his academic laboratories. He has served in leadership positions, both at UNC (Founding Director of the Carolina Vaccine Institute) and at three companies (CEO, Board Chair, AlphaVax, Inc.; Executive Director, Global Vaccines, Inc; CSO and Vice-President of Research, Clarus Biologics, Inc.).

In addition, over his long career, he has established an extensive network of researchers that can be leveraged to develop key scientific and business collaborations. 

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Peter Anderson - CTO and Co-Founder

Peter has spent 23 years working in commercial manufacturing environments within the regulated life sciences industry, progressing from entry level to senior management within mid-size to large companies with global operations (including Wyeth, Novartis and Alcon).

Throughout his career, he has performed quality, validation and regulatory compliance functions supporting new product introductions and routine commercial production. He is co-founder and Principal Consultant of a compliance consulting firm (established in 2013) that helps companies develop and implement cGMP-compliant quality systems; qualify manufacturing facilities; and develop, transfer and validate new production processes.

As an employee and business owner, Peter has experience developing successful teams and has established and demonstrated a thorough understanding of cGMP principles, knowledge of associated global regulatory expectations and industry standards and the ability to critically analyze those expectations in conjunction with relevant scientific thought and business needs to achieve company objectives.

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Darren Dasburg, PE MBA - CEO

Darren has forty three years in technical operations and 35 of those in biopharma. A mechanical engineer in his undergrad he went on to achieve his MBA from Duke University and progressed through multiple roles in biopharma field including synthetic molecule, biotech large molecule and now four years in the cell and gene therapy space. Darren did his formative years with great companies like GlaxoSmithKline, MedImmune and AstraZeneca plus numerous years consulting to dozens of companies in the industry both large and small.

A noted relationship manager, Darren has built innovative deals in capacity sharing, biosimilars and contract relationships as well as a general manager in CO facility, rebuilding the plant and building organization from ground up. Darren exited the large company manifest in 2019 to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in cell and gene therapies. Clarus marks his fourth biotech startup, two which have reached successful exits and one he remains a board member.

 His cell and gene experience includes CRISPR based deployments, medical device development in cancer ablation and now adjuvant technology. His expertise is in deal and equity development to keep a comfortable fuel of finances under the wings of the team.

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Looking for a Compelling Investment Opportunity?

The need for safe and effective vaccines has never been greater. Clarus’ vaccine/immunotherapy technology targets a multi-billion-dollar global market. Be sure to check our investment page to learn more about where we are in the development process and how we will leverage our proprietary technology to change the vaccine industry.

At Clarus Biologics our mission is to increase the availability of safe and effective prophylactic and therapeutic technologies.

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