Introducing a New Era of Vaccine Viral Like Particles (VLP)

Learn how our novel VLP unique properties will improve vaccine safety, efficacy and availability.

Meeting the Challenges

Many modern vaccines require adjuvants, and there is a recognized need for newer and more diverse adjuvant choices and even new technologies like VLP.

CBI-3A is a novel vaccine VLP that elicits immune responses from all three elements of the adaptive immune system. It has been studied in multiple animal species with a variety of antigens against multiple pathogens. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for addressing key industry challenges (involving patient populations with impaired immune systems, the limited immunogenicity of recombinant antigens, pathogens that require broad and complex immune responses, and vaccine supply constraints.)

Proving What’s Possible

Our novel vaccine adjuvant, CBI-3A, enjoys broad patent protection, and its significant pre-clinical track record has proven safety and efficacy across multiple species. Study results have demonstrated:

Stronger immune response when compared to antigen or vaccine alone and to other simple adjuvants.

Antibody, T-cell and mucosal immune responses.

Mucosal immune responses with intramuscular administration.

Antigen sparing capabilities, reducing costs and mitigating supply constraints.

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